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Freeways of Middle Earth

I was trolling through Amazon looking for books to buy as Christmas presents. While reading reviews for Karyn Fonstad's Atlas of Middle Earth, I found the following review:

OK, but not a substitute for other atlases,
I got really, REALLY lost using this. I'm not sure who to contact about this,
but it's I-27, not I-29, that runs through Lubbock.

The question, "Was this review helpful to you?" was helpfully asked. The answer is that it made me laugh. However, having tried to navigate through Texas, the microscopic possibility that this was not a joke or a misplaced entry made me marvel at the sheer trauma of trying to find Lubbock with maps of Middle Earth.

There are orcs in both places though, so perhaps LOTR: Weapons and Warfare would have been more useful to the reviewer.
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I am Flake #522453

It's nice to know what sort of flake I am. Thanks to gerisullivan and some searching on my own I found some of the people I know fron SF cons on LJ. tamiam had this keen link to cutting out virtual paper snowflakes -

The recuperating twelve year old and I spent a happy hour with this site, holding a philosophical discussion on the geometry of snowflakes. We are less graceful with the scissors on the site, but feel it is more than made up for by the lack of little bits of white paper all over the floor. We speculated that rewatching Jack cut out the spider snowflake in Nightmare Before Christmas might improve our skills.
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In the midst of dueling sick 12 year old twins (one throwing up, one coughing) I am getting further into LJ by adding friends. I enjoy this concept immensely as it was not my greatest gift in school and the idea of doing so so easily is quite nice. Meanwhile, I continue to find that peppermint tea, horehound drops, and hugs are more useful treatments than any other, thus proving I really shouldn't be dwelling in the 21st C.

I appreciate the comments I've gotten to just dive in and try it.
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Getting Started

drplokta introduced me to the LJ community in September and I found it interesting enough to join in after finishing other projects. I did not anticipate the unaccountable shyness of getting started with one of my own. In my other lives I tend to either be in groups who I have known forever, or be in roles that are more clearcut - teacher, student, someone's mum. This is being different for me and I am looking for clues in how to proceed. I have been browsing interests and communities, and have gone to the newbie's room. However, I'd be quite grateful for ideas from others on how join in more comfortably, or what helped them get started.
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(no subject)

I finished a master's degree and then chairing a large convention. It's time for a new interest. Thanks to drploka it seems to be a LJ.